Pupil Premium

Allocation of Pupil Premium for 2018-2019 £102,935

Pupil Premium Grant

The use of the Pupil Premium Grant is outlined in the policy. A breakdown of the identified activities which are funded through the grant can be seen, along with the impact of these in the documents attatched. The current year 2018 -19 is updated each term to show the ongoing progress and impact of these interventions. The impact is measured in a range of approaches but where appropriate this is a progress measure of points identified through our online tracking system. 

Identifying Barriers

The main barriers identified by the school of eligible pupils is the consolidating of basic skills within reading, writing and maths to be able to use and apply these in a wider context. As well the importance of accessing to a range of opportunities to develop, engage and inspire them as learners. The development of confidence and self esteem as well as independence and responsibility for their own learning, heath and wellbeing is a key driver for our work.


As a school we have identified groups of children, which include those in receipt of pupil premium, who would benefit from additional academic support specifically in reading, writing and maths. But also those children who would benefit from additional opportunities to bring greater challenge. These groups are identified through pupil progress meetings each half term and the appropriate programme is identified. These may be through quality first teaching intervention or Teaching Assistants who have been trained for the specific interventions led. These may include Project X Code, Maths Catch up, Early Literacy Support, Fresh Start Phonics, as well as bespoke programmes of work.

Additional Opportunities

In addition we believe that the children also gain from a wide range of opportunities that prepare and inspire the children to be learners as well as take responsibility for their own wellbeing. As such a range of programmes have are supported through this grant including an annual programme of a range of Health and Well Being workshops, musical instrument tuition, playground opportunities and support, as well as residential events and a variety of educational visits throughout the year. In addition the work of the learning mentor, is part funded through the grant. Through this role support for our more vulnerable children is given and has proved to have a significant impact in helping them to improve self esteem and confidence and become positive  learners.  

Pupil Premium strategy is reviewed anually. 


If you think your child may be eligible for Free School Meals please follow the link to look at the criteria and apply online.



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