PE & Sport Premium Grant

The school received a PE & Sport Grant of £9 565.

This grant is dedicated to support and develop a range of sports and PE activities. Each year the PE leads identify key areas to develop or enhance. These have ranged from introducing new sport clubs, encouraging a greater uptake in clubs, identifying those children who are more reluctant participants and engaging them and developing and coaching staff in the teaching of PE skills. The development strong sport clubs and strong links with other schools in the local area for competitions will help to sustain this work. The schools involvement with a school partnership will help to maintains this further. The development of the teaching of PE skills with staff along with co-coaching work supported by the 2017-18 grant will further sustain the high standards and enthusiasm in PE.  The PE curriculum is regularly reviewed by Subject Leaders and the Head Teacher, staff are given extra training in a series of staff meeting with regular monitoring.

A breakdown of activities and their costs as well as an evaluation of the impact of 2016-17  can be downloaded from the link below.

The outline of the planned activities is outlined along with the potential cost for 2017-18 can be downloaded from the link below.


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