Children bring a wealth of varied experience of speaking and listening with them. The school is able to build on this by providing opportunities to play and work together, to tell stories, to listen and recall stories and also to act out every day situations.

The teaching of phonics is very important in the early years. We use a recognised programme of daily systematic, synthetic phonics teaching (Read, Write, Inc.) which helps our children get to know all the phonics (sounds) and be able to read them and use them in their writing. Please see our phonics page for more information. 

Children are surrounded by books from the moment they enter school. The children are taught to read by a variety of methods. The children are encouraged to take books home to read throughout the school. 

Children are encouraged to write from an early age on various topics of interest to them. Grammatical skills, punctuation and spelling are introduced and based on the child’s own written work. All children experience English lessons every day.

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