Working Together to Keep Safe and Support Learning

Please use our email address to notify us of any COVID19 related updates or queries to ensure that such messages and updates are received and dealt with promptly.

From December 2nd 2020, Cheshire West and Chester is in Tier 2 - please see the attached poster which provides a summary of what this means.

Please remember the importance of


Self-isolation reminder

If a member of your household is symptomatic for COVID-19 then all household members need to self-isolate until the test result is received.  If this result is positive then the case continues to isolate for 10 days from symptom onset with all other household members self-isolating for 14 days from symptom onset.

If the result is negative, all household members can stop isolating as long as:

  • The person displaying symptoms is well and no-one else in the household has symptoms
  • If anyone else in the household has symptoms they have also received a negative test result
  • They have not been advised to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace
  • They have not arrived into the UK from a non-exempt country within the last 14 days

The full guidance can be found at:

How Parents and Carers can help safety at drop off and collection times

We are all working hard to keep everyone as safe as possible both with regards to Coronavirus and safety at the start and end of the school day at drop off and collection times.

I would like to remind all parents and carers that our staggered start and end of day drop off and collection times are staggered to allow for separation between bubbles of children. As the weather is getting colder and wetter, we appreciate that none of us wish to be in wet or cold weather for longer than is necessary and we are keen to get children into school as quickly as we can ​at the start of each day and handover swiftly at the end of each day.

When the weather is wet or very cold, we would ask that wherever possible, parents and carers to consider bringing their children to school and arriving to collect children from school later in the start of their allocated slot.

Thank you for your continued support with these important safety measures. To keep us all as safe as possible, please ensure you follow the guidance for parents and carers outlined below carefully.

Whilst staff are focused on the safety of children arriving and leaving school site, we are dependent on parent and carers’ cooperation, help, patience and support in considering not just the safety of their own children and themselves but that of our wider school community. 

We therefore ask that parents and carers:


  • Congregate at gateways or collection points once their child is dropped off or collected. 
  • Park on Wyedale or Clydesdale during drop off or pick up times.
  • Drive on these two roads during these times.  Where this is unavoidable, consider and be mindful of children and adults regularly crossing.
  • Drop children off direct from cars onto roads and into the direct line of traffic.
  • Walk along the road unless it is to pass other parents or children and then only when it is safe to do so.


  • Ensure they are mindful of those around them and leave safe space between themselves and other parents and carers as they are waiting.  
  • Wear face coverings whilst they are waiting to drop off or collect.  
  • Use the pavement on the non-school side of Clydesdale and Wyedale to walk to and from the gates or lines they need to access, crossing the road only when safe to do so. Please DO NOT wait on the non school side pavements for as this will block the way for parents/carers and children leaving and arriving.
  • Leave school site promptly once your child has been collected/dropped off.
  • Only have one adult accompanying any drop off or collection.
  • Follow direction from school staff when being asked to move to a safer area and work with school staff with regards to their requests for your cooperation – we have yours and all 400+ other children’s safety in mind.

Please note, for those parents who have more than one child to collect at the same time, please be assured that your child will be kept safe with their teacher until collected as we understand that you may be delayed circulating the one way system around school.

We ask that parents and carers continue to support us to keep everyone as safe as possible by continuing to observe the current social distancing guidance at all times both on and off school site so that contact with people beyond your households is limited to the current social distancing guidelines.



COVID19 reminders

If a child/parent is unable to get a test within 3 days of developing symptoms, the following should happen:

  • The symptomatic child should remain absent from school for 10 days
  • Siblings from the same household who attend school should remain absent from school for 14 days
  • Any other household contacts should continue to self-isolate for 14 days

This is irrespective of whether a test is taken after 3 days.

To ensure we continue to prioritise the safety of children, staff and families by following all current guidance, we will be following this advice in school for all absences relating to COVID19 and we ask for parent and carers’ support and understanding with this.

It is important that if you’re child or family member becomes unwell with any of the COVID-19 symptoms listed below that they get tested and you ensure your child does not attend school:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste – this means you've noticed you cannot smell or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

Please notify us that your child is self-isolating with other household members, arrange for them to get tested and continue to self-isolate as a household until the result comes back.

There is no need for members of a symptomatic person’s household to have a test, unless they are also symptomatic.

If your child or family member is tested for COVID19, we ask that parents/carers notify us of the test result (positive or negative) immediately via This will allow us to take action quickly in the event of any positive tests within our school community moving forward.

If your child tests positive they should self-isolate and stay off school for 10 days. If the test comes back negative they can return to school if they no longer have symptoms and have been fever free for 48hrs.  All other people who have had close contact with them will need to self-isolate for 14 days.

Should there be a positive test in our school community, we will identify any school contacts and notify them of the need to self-isolate. Where a pupil or staff member become a confirmed case, then we will directly contact those staff and pupils affected. If you are not contacted, you can be assured that you are not a direct or close contact and are not required to self-isolate. A guidance sheet for parents and carers from Cheshire West and Chester can be found at the bottom of this page.

Cheshire West and Chester have provided signposting for families  for help and support during these difficult times for everyone:

Useful resources and information for famillies:

Healthy Start Vouchers

Are you eligible for these vouchers?  If you’re pregnant or have a child under 4, you could get Healthy Start vouchers to help buy some basic foods. This important means-tested scheme provides vouchers to spend with local retailers. Pregnant women and children over 1 and under 4 can get one £3.10 voucher per week. Children under 1 can get two £3.10 vouchers (£6.20) per week.  Terms and conditions apply.  To find out more visit:

We know that times are extremely hard at the moment, the pandemic is putting strains on many families and residents within Cheshire West and Chester, and beyond. There is a wide range of support available to you as parents across the borough which can help you if you feel that you may need it. 

For further information or for support visit:

The pages cover: Dedicated helpline for people who need support, Support and advice on council tax, Support for vulnerable people, Domestic abuse advice and support, Support for businesses and employers,  Coping with coronavirus, NHS bereavement advice and support, Test and Trace support payment.

Help in Emergencies for Local People (HELP)

The HELP scheme is a discretionary scheme offering local welfare assistance including: • support for exceptional needs • limited payments for emergency funding in a crisis • to help people moving out of care 

All awards are subject to a means test, which means we will look at your income and expenditure. This includes income that is available to you, including income we usually ignore when looking at your claim for Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction. Funding will be made on a one-off basis and will be restricted to one award in any 12 month period. Normally awards will be restricted to provide help with food vouchers or recycled goods. For information on who can apply, and how you can apply, visit:

Employment and benefits support

If you are affected by coronavirus or its effect on the economy, there is a wide range of support available. The Understanding Universal Credit website provides information about the changes the government has brought in to support people who are already claiming benefits, need to claim benefits, or are at risk of losing their job as a result of coronavirus. To find information you need about Universal Credit and other benefits visit:

Benefits and Job Centre Plus Universal Credit (UC)

If you have any queries please use your UC journal to make contact, if you have a change in circumstances please report this on your home page. If you are unable to access your digital account, please contact 0800 328 5644. There may be a longer waiting time than usual on the telephony service as they are experiencing high call levels. Legacy benefits.

 If you claim Job seekers Allowance (JSA), Income Support (IS) or Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) please contact your relevant benefit on 0800 169 0310 if you have any queries. Please listen carefully as the options may have changed since you last rang. You can contact your local jobcentre by ringing 0800 169 0190 and you will be put through to/or a message passed to your local jobcentre. Jobcentres are limiting the number of people allowed in the offices during Covid-19 so please only attend a jobcentre if you have a booked face to face appointment or have no other way of contacting Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Local jobcentres can support with both ensuring you receive the correct benefit to support you whilst you are looking for work and if your circumstances mean you are currently unable to look for work. They can provide advice and sign posting to local support organisations. They work closely with both partners and providers to offer a range of training that is relevant to the local economy and is most likely to enable customers to gain skills to return to work.

Support with finding work

Jobhelp -The Department for Work and Pensions new website aimed at getting Britain back to work. The aim of the website is to highlight the range of support and advice on offer to help jobseekers find jobs, and employers get the people they need, all in one place. Jobhelp is a good place to start if you are looking for work. Their website provides a range of support:

Money matters

The Live Well Cheshire West site provides a range of support for a range of different money related matters, including: • Budgeting, banking and managing money • Money and benefits • Paying for care • Grants and funds • Debt • Help in a crisis


Citizens Advice Cheshire West

Free, impartial advice and information on a range of issues. Advice is independent and completely confidential. Information to help you make the right choices if you are in debt. Such as how to avoid losing your home and how to get your finances back into shape.

Help can include: • working out how much money you owe and the debts you should pay back first • budgeting your bills • getting a bank account • starting a pension • dealing with creditors • gambling advice and/or problems with tax

For further information visit: 

or telephone: 03445 766111

(phone lines are open Monday-Friday 10am to 4pm.

Domestic Abuse

Some children and adults could be facing increased risks as we all asked to stay at home due to COVID-19.  It is important you know you're not alone.

The Council is continuing to work with other agencies to offer you support and encourage you to make contact when out on an essential trip (like shopping) to ask for help.

Open the Door signposts to local and national help, encouraging people to start a conversation about domestic abuse and bring it out from behind closed doors. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger call 999. 

For advice and support visit:

Silent Solution 55


If making a sound would put you or someone else in danger and the operator cannot decide whether an emergency service is needed, your call will be transferred to the Silent Solution system. The Silent Solution is a police system to help people who are unable to speak, but who genuinely need police assistance. You will hear an automated police message, which lasts for 20 seconds and begins with ‘you are through to the police’. It will ask you to press 55 to be put through to police call management. 

Please see the attached Silent Solution 55 information sheet for further details.

Drop off/collection times and zones

Year Group/Classes

Drop off/collection gate/door

Drop off time

Collection time

Reception – Oak and Elm classes

EYFS gate on Clydesdale - Parents and carers are asked to queue on Clydesdale in class order - Elm class at the front and Oak class at the rear - please follow the one way system through EYFS back on to Wyedale once you have collected/droppedoff your child.



Year 1 – Beech and Ash classes

EYFS gate on Clydesdale - Parents and carers are asked to queue on Clydesdale in class order - Beech class at the front and Ash class at the rear.

If you arrive before EYFS parents and carers have moved through EYFS, please use the non school side of the pavement to reach the back of the queue behind EYFS parents and carers.



Year 2 – Fir and Cherry classes

Cherry class - S4YC gate on Clydesdale - please queue from this gate along the school field, keeping the car park and school path gateways clear.

Fir class - Car park gate on Clydesdale - please wait in the entrance area of the car park (coned off) and leave via the same gate.



Year 3 – Rowan and Poplar classes

Car park gate on Clydesdale - please wait in the entrance area of the car park (coned off) and leave via the same gate.

If you arrive before Year 2 parents and carers have left the car park area, please use the non school side of the pavement to reach the back of the queue behind Year 2 Cherry class parents and carers.



Year 4 – Holly and Cedar classes

Wyedale Entrance - please leave via the one way system across the playground to the Clydesdale exit.



Year 5 – Sycamore and Willow classes

Wyedale Entrance - please leave via the one way system across the playground to the Clydesdale exit.



Year 6 – Birch and Maple classes

Wyedale Entrance - please leave via the one way system across the playground to the Clydesdale exit.



Bikes and scooters - Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 are welcome to travel to and from school by bike. We ask that the accompanying adult wheels the bike across the playground to the bike rack at Clydesdale as they drop their child off on the playground via the Wyedale entrance gate.

Children can also use scooters to travel to and from school.  Children in Years 4, 5 and 6 can be stored in the scooter rack on the playground as above.  For children in EYFS, Years 1, 2, 3, we ask that the accompanying adult takes the scooter home with them after drop off.

Permission to walk home from school alone - No child will be permitted to walk from school without an adult accompanying them without written permission (via one of our school letters) which has been sent out to Year 5 and 6 children only.  

We ask that parents and carers who are using child minders or other relatives to collect or drop off their child/ren, support us by ensuring they update the person collecting/dropping off about the staggered drop off/pick ups and the need for promptness arriving and leaving school site.

Cheshire West and Chester have provided the following information regarding frequently asked questions regarding childcare provided by Grandparents and travelling to school by car:

Childcare Unless grandparents are part of a support bubble* they should maintain two metre social distancing where possible from their grandchildren. One household is permitted to visit another household indoors in England (unless local restrictions apply), but two metre social distancing should be maintained.  It would be possible for childcare to be delivered before and after school in these circumstances if the grandchildren do not require any close contact as part of the childcare.  If grandparents are part of a support bubble they can provide childcare and transport to and from school without having to maintain two metre social distancing.

Travelling by car - National guidance ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19): safer travel guidance for passengers’  advises you should try not to share a vehicle with those outside your support bubble. If there is no-one within the household who can take your child to school you need to, try to:

  • share the transport with the same people each time – this means only using one grandparent to undertake all the journeys rather than rotating 
  • keep to small groups of people at any one time – so only one grandparent and the grandchildren from one household should travel in the car
  • open windows for ventilation
  • travel side by side or behind other people, rather than facing them, where seating arrangements allow
  • face away from each other
  • consider seating arrangements to maximise distance between people in the vehicle
  • clean your car between journeys using standard cleaning products - make sure you clean door handles and other areas that people may touch
  • ask the driver and passengers to wear a face covering

It is important that you advise the driver of any arrangements your child’s school has made for car drop-offs and pick-ups.  

*A support bubble is where people who live alone (or just with their children) meet people from one other household


Uniform and Resources 

 All children will be expected to attend wearing school uniform each day.  The Uniform Shop on Whitby Road now has an online shop with discounted uniform offers for school uniform. Visit call 0151 345 4656.

Everything your child requires for lessons is provided in school – we therefore ask that children do not bring anything in from home at this time apart from their coat, reading bag, a packed lunch (these can be brought in named lunch bags or boxes) if they do not require a school lunch and a named water bottle.  

It will be important for all children to have a jumper, cardigan and/or coat with them, even on sunny days as all classrooms will have windows and doors open to allow for maximum ventilation during lesson times so classrooms will be cooler than children are used to.

PE Kits

We ask that children come into school dressed in a full school PE kit on their PE days. They will remain in PE kit all day. We will NOT be storing PE kits in school.  

Please refer to the class newsletter, from your child's class teacher, regarding your child's PE days. 

PE kits must be school uniform only and in line with our current school policy, which can be found on our school website.  A reminder of these requirements are listed here:

For PE all children need:

Black Pumps for indoor P.E. 

Trainers for outdoor P.E. 

Plain white t-shirt 

Plain black shorts 

Black, blue or grey tracksuit for outdoor 

School Fleece (optional) 

Lunches and Snacks

Menu Options

Mrs Bateman has been busy developing new, hot options for children to eat at lunch time as part of our ‘grab bag’ lunch menu whilst we are needing to maintain separation and staggered lunchtimes in school. 

There will be two sandwich and one hot option each day for children to choose from. We will be operating a two week menu cycle.

Please find copies of the new menu on our school website.

All children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will continue to be eligible for Universal Infant Free School Meals.

If your child is in Key Stage 2 (Year 3, 4, 5 or 6), is not eligible for Free School Meals and requires a school meal, we ask that payment is made in advance on a weekly basis. This payment should be via our online system ParentPay. For the Autumn term, school meals will continue to be charged at £2.30 a day (£11.50 per week). From January 2021 the cost will increase to £2.35 per day (£11.75 per week).


Free School Meals

Free School Meals does not include Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) where all government funded schools offer free school meals to pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.   If your child was receiving UIFSM but you believe you may be eligible for Free School Meals please apply here


Thank you to everyone who has activated their ParentPay account. We now use this system to send out whole school letters via email and for payments for both dinners and activities.


If you do not have a bank account, payments can be made at any Pay Point outlet. If you require a Pay Point card, please contact the school office to request one.


In line with the Government’s guidance, school attendance is mandatory again from the beginning of autumn term. This means that the usual rules on school attendance will apply. All children are expected in school every day.

We continue to follow up any absences in the usual manner and we ask that you contact our school office by email or telephone if your child is absent for any reason or wish to discuss your child’s attendance with school staff.

‘Moving Forward Together With Hope’

For many people things are difficult right now, and that’s why we’re supporting the @NSPCC who are still there for children who need their support now more than ever. 

  • Whether you want support and advice for adapting to family life in lockdown, or you’re worried about a child, the NSPCC are there to help. 
  • Whether you’re juggling childcare with working from home, or your children are feeling anxious about the coronavirus, the NSPCC have got tips and advice for you. 
    Visit the NSPCC coronavirus hub for information and advice to support you and your children.
  • Home isn’t a safe place for every child. With schools closed and children spending more time at home, you might have spotted something that’s worrying you. If you’re worried, talk to the NSPCC. The helpline is free, and you don’t have to say who you are. The helpline is open 7 days a week.

If you’re worried about a child, please call their helpline on 0808 800 5000or you can email

Barnardo’s ‘See Hear Respond’ service

See Hear Respond is a service provided across England by Barnardo’s and other national and local community-based organisations in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  The programme has been created to help children and young people in England who are experiencing harm and increased adversity during this period by providing support to those who are not being seen by social care or other key agencies.

Working with its partners, Barnardo’s aims to reduce the likelihood of harm and ensure other support and protective networks are in place using:

  • online digital support, including advice and information, online counselling and a telephone helpline
  • face to face interventions, such as support for groups at risk outside the home and one to one support
  • reintegration into education, including assessments and the delivery of support pathways back to education

See Hear Respond accept referrals from any source either through the Freephone number 0800 151 7015 and via their online referral hub.

CWAC Safeguarding Chrildren Partnership - Queensberry AP (Click here)

Queensberry AP

"Queensberry AP has been born out of a combination of many things; our own experiences of mainstream and specialist education sectors, our previous successes working with extremely vulnerable students, recognising the need for an alternative for hard to reach students within Cheshire West and the importance of practical learning with achievable outcomes for disengaged students."

"With a combined experience of over 30 years working with some of the most vulnerable and difficult to engage young people and families, we are immensely passionate about the work that we undertake. With a wide breadth of experience across a number of sectors including SEBD schools, Social Care and as senior leaders within a Pupil Referral Unit setting and mainstream schools, the interventions we have developed are based upon our own personal experiences and support young people, families and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds."

"The partnership we have developed with Her Majesty’s Prison Service has helped to support with our model of early intervention and ensures that young people receive support and guidance from adults with real-life experience of the issues that our provision aims to challenge and combat."

NHS Track and Trace Scams

We have been informed by Cheshire West and Chester that there has been an increase in scam calls in relation to NHS Track and Trace where people are being asked to pay for a home testing kit etc. 

NHS track and Trace Service will never ask you to pay for a test, ask for bank details, passwords or pin numbers. Never share personal details if you are not sure who you are talking to.

NHS Coronavirus Helpline

This is a 24 hour crisis line for all residents of Cheshire West, Cheshire East and Wirral - 0300 303 3972

Useful Internet Safety websites:

NSPCC -[BMM]&utm_term=internet_safety&gclsrc=aw.ds&&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI06eznY


Thinkyouknow - (advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online).

Internet Matters -

Parent Info -

ICONSpeak to someone if you need support such as your family, friends, Midwife, GP or Health Visitor about infant crying. Click on the ICON link to take you to the webpage.


Paper copies of any letters are available from the office upon request.




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