Raising Aspirations

The Raising Aspirations programme provides primary school aged pupils and their families with opportunities to engage with careers education that is relevant and aspirational. Enhancing classroom learning with input from local colleges, universities and employers, provides opportunities for pupils to contextualise this in-depth learning in the workplace increasing knowledge, and motivation. We know that as children get older, they discount certain careers thinking they are unobtainable. The raising aspirations programme provides the tools, confidence, knowledge and links to enable schools and parents to jointly develop this learning.

As careers education is not a statutory requirement for primary schools, the Raising Aspirations programme is designed to plug the gap. Children are introduced to the world of work at a young age through various sectors and pathways. It sows the seeds of future opportunities by providing schools, parents and pupils with the knowledge and confidence to develop their careers education learning together.

 We recognise that some families may not have had the best experience of education, and often to not aspire to developing a career themselves, presenting a potential barrier to raising aspirations within pupils. Pre COVID 19 we would involve and invite parents and carers to participate. However, due to the nature of school life and current barriers it has been decided that children in school should be the main integral focus of the programme.



The Raising Aspirations programme seeks to embed an inspirational inclusive careers education programme within Whitby Heath primary school, challenge stereotypes and raise awareness of opportunities and pathways both locally and nationally. Pupils are to be supported to develop personal skills, self-confidence, self-esteem and resilience; and understand the link between these and employability. Parents and carers are enabled to support their children with future career choices; and employer engagement provides inspiration and realism.


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