Parents & Community

This year our visitis have a PE focus so come ready to be active!

Parent Class Visits this Autumn term have been a great success.

 Parent have joined their child to work together in 'THE DAILY MILE'. We had a great uptake with 68% of our parents from Y1 to Y6 attending.

Don't forget to check the website calendar for other events including:

  • Health Food workshops over the year - parents and children work together 
  • Y 5 Mums and Daughters Dads and Lads - parents supporting their child
  • Y 5 Cyber Bullying Workshop - parents learning with their child 
  • Christmas Performances
  • Sports Days


Contact the School

Whitby Heath Primary School

Ellesmere Port,
CH65 6RJ

Main Contact: Mrs. Julie Le Feuvre (Acting Head Teacher)

Tel: 0151 355 1781

SEN Contact: Mrs. Victoria Marsland