Curriculum Overview

 Whitby Heath Primary School – Curriculum Statement 

‘Excellence in a Caring Community’

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of every pupil allowing them to become confident to take risks in their learning and challenge themselves whilst developing independent learning behaviours. We promote high aspirations for all and encourage all pupils to ‘reach for the stars’ in their learning and go beyond their comfort zone so they go deeper in their learning and are able to articulate their ideas, thoughts and opinions confidently.

We seek to develop self-motivated and enquiring learners who are curious and ask questions and seek to make connections within their learning.  Our curriculum is designed to provide all learners with knowledge which forms a ‘toolbox’ for learning so they are able to use what they already know to access new learning.  Pupils thrive as a result of a challenging curriculum where learning is durable and transferrable and children are encouraged to apply and reason preparing them for the next stage of their learning.  

We promote and encourage all pupils to take social responsibility and be tolerant and accepting combined with a passion and drive to make a difference, locally, nationally and globally, through our work as a Rights Respecting School; this work is threaded across our curriculum.  Through immersion in these life-long learning skills our children will have strong interpersonal and communication skills, which will enable them to become responsible and active members of our diverse society.

Learning is rooted in the needs and context of our community and learners.  The foundations of our curriculum are rooted in purposeful, quality first hand experiences, designed to secure knowledge and skills by encouraging all our learners to go deeper in their learning so each individual grows and achieves their true potential. 

Curriculum Implementation.

Our Curriculum offer is based on a question and hook to reflect our children’s interests and their world making learning meaningful.   To achieve this we:

  • Use hooks artefacts, texts, activities, visits and the arts to bring topics alive.
  • Provide memorable, purposeful first hand experiences.
  • Develop local, national and global multi-cultural awareness by embedding British Values across all learning.
  • Study people who have contributed to /or had a positive influence on society.
  • To use regular meaningful use of locality and school grounds to ensure our community is reflected in our learning experiences.


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