Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

There is a new text based curriculum at Whitby Heath, where two books are used to support teaching and learning for each unit of work and can be accessed by all subjects in the curriculum. This exciting opportunity has allowed teachers, subject leaders, Literacy consultants and authors to work in partnership to create a vibrant and engaging learning environment; where the creative opportunities exist for teachers to teach and learn and learners to learn and teach.

Each year group uses the chosen texts, medium term plans and our collaborative English planning to produce an original themed unit of work examples of which can be seen below.

Year One

Books: Hokey Pokey Pig and I (Deborah Elias); The Gruffalo (Julia Donaldson)

Hokey Pokey Pig & I focuses on Neve’s adventures through the rain forest, we looked at different animals from the rainforest and the features of these types of climates. We looked into the vocabulary used in rhymes and created our own. We moved onto the Gruffalo, exploring features of stories from fantasy settings before writing our own.

English - Rhyming poetry, Stories from fantasy settings.

Science - Animals

DT - Clay sculpture of Pig and the Pogs

Art - Andy Goldsworthy

Year Two

Books: After the Storm (Nick Butterworth): Hokey, Pokey Pig and the Pogs (Deborah Elias)

After the Storm focuses on woodland animals and their habitats; the animal’s homes are rebuilt by Percy the park keeper after the damage that a storm has caused. We looked at the woodland setting with a visit to the local park. We discussed the importance of respecting our local environment and the impact weather and tourism can have on wildlife.

In Hokey Pokey Pig and the Pogs, the rhyming text focused on the woodland setting and fictional characters ‘Pogs.’ We looked at poetry and the language features used in poetry.

Units of work:

English- Stories in a familiar setting (After the Storm) and Patterns on a page (Hokey Pokey Pig and the Pogs.)

Science- Living things and their habitats.

Geography/History- Woodland area.

Art- Animal collages, tree collages.

Computing- ebook using ipads and pic collage.

D&T- tooth fairy boxes and jam tarts.

Year Three

Books: Wild Child (Willis/Freytag); Where My Wellies Take Me (Michael Morpurgo)

Both texts chosen focus on an exploration of the natural environment around them by the main characters. The characters are ‘free spirits’ that refuse to conform to the rules placed upon them by society and are happiest when they are in their natural environment. Both take place in very different settings, ‘Wild Child’ is set in prehistoric Britain, whereas ‘Where My Wellies Take Me’ was set in an early farming community. The unit focused on exploring characters, settings to support us in writing stories set in Stone Age times.

English - Stories with historical settings

History - Stone Age and Early Farming

Geography - Farming including local field trip

Science - Rocks & Soils

DT - Survival kits & shelters

Art - Farmyard landscapes/Folk artist Karla Gerard

Year Four

The Bogler’s Apprentice (Rachael Lindsay)

The text focused on life in an imaginary world of Norwegian Trolls whose forest, by the fjord, is under threat from humans. The unit focused on human influences on the environment and how all life is affected by deforestation.

English - Stories Set in an Imaginary World

Science - Classification and food Chains

Geography/History - Deforestation/Preserving the Forest Environment

Computing - eBook: Humans and Forests

Art - Using Mixed Media

Year Five

The Warrior Troll (Rachael Lindsay); Beowolf (Michael Morpurgo)

In Year Five we have been reading The Warrior Troll by Rachael Lindsay. The book focuses on two trolls, named Hildi and Thom, who live near a beautiful fjord in Norway. The culmination of our narrative work in English saw us write our own descriptive versions of the story ending. In History and Geography we looked at Viking treasures and how fjords are formed. We enjoyed a whole day of Design Technology, where we made impressive, moving hydraulic troll heads! The display boards outside our classrooms are filled with our fantastic artwork - 3D Celtic knots and wild flower pictures, just like Hildi sketched in the story.

We became more familiar with the iPads in Computing, using several different apps to create media content for an eBook about all of the cross curricular work we have done.

Year Six

The Librarian of Basra (Jeanette Winter); The Breadwinner (Deborah Ellis)

The chosen texts both focused on the respect, understanding and patience needed when dealing with a culture that is different from our own, particularly in light of events around the world. The unit focussed on similarities and differences between the characters and the children themselves, allowing them to extend their abilities to comment without judging other people. It also examined some of the more serious issues, such as sexism, war and poverty which the children acknowledged were world wide issues.

Units of work:

English - Reports and journalistic writing

Science - Renewable Energy

Geography/History - Early Islamic Civilisation; The Middle East

Art - Moroccan artist Abdel Aziz Haounati/Islamic art

Computing - E book - Electricity/Librarian of Basra

D & T - Toys/Mechanisms

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