Chester Zoo Curriculum Project (2018)

We took part in the IGNITE TSA Chester Zoo Curriculum Project. We decided to campaign for the use of sustainable palm oil. The project built on our school council work and UNICEF RRSA work.




Throughout 2017-18 our subject leaders attended training with Hywel Roberts and Debra Kidd.

-The project intended to create ‘botheredness’ amongst the pupil

-We wanted a creative approach

-Aspects were led by the children and their interest/passion



1)A persuasive piece of writing
EYFS- A class book
Y1- Persuasive posters to use on placards
Y2- Advert for sustainable palm oil product
Y3- Persuasive leaflet for restaurant window
Y4- Persuasive leaflet concentrating on the impact on animals
Y5/6- Letter to local businesses & international companies
2)A filmed report
EYFS- Pic Collage-Being certain animals
Y1- Podcasts-An animals point of view when lost their home
Y2- Green screen-Reports on how animals affected
Y3- IMovie-Make trailers/adverts to promote products
Y4- Podcasts-Info on sustainable palm oil
Y5- Stop motion-Rainforest over time
Y6- Green screen-How is the world affected?
3)A creature/object from the rainforest
vEYFS-Ink leaves & flowers
vY1-Willow withy tree branches
vY2-Insect sculptures
vY3-Bas relief animal sculptures
vY4- Fruit dove sculptures
vY5-Ink on canvas rainforest/animal paintings
vY6-Willow withy & papier-mâché animal
We ended our project with an exhibition in the school hall.
  • Engaged the most reluctant writers
  • Children became passionate about the issue
  • Pupil voice...WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
  • Wider community, parents, local businesses
  • Still alive in our school community today


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