Applying Our Learning


This half term, we will be applying our learning with the text, 'Boglers Apprentice' by Rachael Lindsay. Something is happening in the forest. There are strange sounds and smells. The animals sense change... Hairy Bogley is a hermit troll. He is also a collector. He makes regular night time visits to the houses and sheds of big people, returning with items that might be of use or just of interest. His home-cave is tucked away above the fjord. It is secret and his alone. The unexpected arrival of his homeless nephew, Ulf, upsets Hairy. With some reluctance, he accepts that this young troll has come to stay. But danger awaits them. Birna and Ogmund have plans for Ulf. Hairy Bogley shatters the peaceful lives of the forest trolls, Hildi and Thom, when he begs for help. Without doubt, a desperate plan has to be hatched to rescue little Ulf and preserve the natural balance of the woods in which they live. 

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